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  • Deanette for District 1 House of Representatives

    A strong, Conservative voice for District 1.

    • Strong leader, knowledgeable in state and city government, that will focus on local needs.
    • Pro-business—Operated TrainND like a business with a budget of $2—$4 million dollars.
    • Co-owner of Style Uncorked—area businesses need less government control.
    • Raised on a farm in eastern Montana, understand the importance of agriculture to the State.
    • Have experience working with the oil and gas industry.
    • These two industries are vital to District 1 and to the State.
    • Will listen to you, the citizens of Region 1.  I will do my best to serve you at the state level by researching any questions you have and by responding in a timely manner.
    • Will fight for our area of the state, I will fight for you, the citizens in Region 1.